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When it comes to finding the best carpet cleaner in Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Winnemucca, Battle Mountain, or Lovelock, there are many different aspects you must consider to get the best results for your home. While it’s important to consider choosing a carpet cleaner that can effectively remove deep-set stains and trapped grime, there are more advantages that a company like Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada can offer you.

Across nearly every industry, customers have become much more sensitive and selective about working with different types of businesses. This has primarily stemmed from a desire to work with companies that value and promote not just efficient results, but also eco-friendliness. There has been a spike of interest in working with carpet cleaners in Reno that clean with solutions that are safe for the environment and that avoid wasting the precious resource of water.


Why the Best Carpet Cleaner is a Greener Carpet Cleaner

At Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada, we understand that families throughout the area want carpet cleaning that’s not only high-performing, but that’s also healthier. Many other carpet cleaners in Reno and the surrounding areas often utilize harsh chemically based cleaners that leave behind lasting fumes and acrid odors in your home. They also rely on excessive gallons of water that leaves your carpets soaked for several days after the carpet cleaning service completion, promoting a living space for mold and mildew to develop! A good portion of their utilized cleaning detergents also fails to get entirely extracted, leaving behind a trail of dirt and dust-attracting residue.

That doesn’t sound good to us… That’s why we’ve set out to provide the residents of Reno and the surrounding areas with carpet cleaning that is drier, cleaner, and healthier than conventional methods. When you decide to choose carpet cleaning from Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada, you’ll enjoy not only the best carpet cleaning results in the industry, but also the benefits of an eco-friendly approach to carpet cleaning.


Carpet Cleaning That’s Better for the Environment

When it comes to carpet cleaning for your Reno home, never settle for less! Carpets comprise a significant portion of your home and are where your family spends a lot of time. How they’re cleaned determines much of the health of the indoor environment in your home. Look no further than the team of carpet cleaning technicians at Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada to provide your home with stellar results backed by study all from using eco-friendly, green certified cleaning solutions.

Our primary carpet cleaning solution, The Natural®, is crafted solely from ingredients that can all be found on the FDA’s Generally Recognized as Safe (G.R.A.S.) list. To promote optimal cleaning results, The Natural is also carbonated and included as part of our innovative and deep-reaching Hot Carbonating Extraction process.

Other carpet cleaners in Reno rely on blasting wasteful amounts of water on your carpets to remove dirt and trapped grime. This often results in subpar outcomes and can cause dirt to be pushed deeper into carpet fiber backings. But because we use the power of carbonation in our process to lift dirt, dust, and allergens, we are able to rely on 80% less water than traditional steam cleaning. This results in a far more efficient way of extraction and optimal cleaning results.


Convenient Carpet Cleaning

The extraction equipment we use to remove The Natural and utilized water from your carpets provides powerful suction to leave behind minimal moisture. In fact, you can expect your carpets to be fully dry in a matter of hours! This creates not only a more environmentally friendly way of carpet cleaning, but also provides you with a service that’s much more convenient for a busy schedule. You can expect your carpets to stay cleaner for much longer too as no sticky detergents or other dirt-attracting residue will be left behind.

That’s why so many businesses throughout Reno also rely on us for commercial carpet cleaning. While you might expect to shut down key areas of your businesses for carpet cleaning with conventional methods to avoid walking on soggy carpets, Chem-Dry allows you to resume normal workflow on these treated areas in 2-3 hours. The next time your business, church, school, medical or dental practice, restaurant, or any other place of business needs commercial cleaning, reach out to us!


Boost Your Family’s Health with a Greener Carpet Cleaner

As stated previously, getting efficient cleaning results is also a highly important piece of criteria when it comes to choosing the best carpet cleaner in Reno. We know that our word alone might not be enough to convince you regarding the advantages of our process, which is why we’ve had our carpet cleaning tested by an independent lab to clearly demonstrate the levels of cleanliness you can expect to see in your home.

Our Hot Carbonating Extraction process, which can be used for both carpets and upholstery, removes 98.1% of non-living allergens* including dog and cat dander and dust mite matter. With Chem-Dry, you won’t just get a carpet cleaning experience that’s safe for your family and healthy for the environment. You’ll also get carpets that are much cleaner and drier than you’d typically get from traditional methods.


Carpet Cleaning in Reno, NV

Learn more about why our eco-friendly approach to carpet cleaning is the best option for your home or business in Reno by contacting us today. Call (775) 327-4424 to learn more and book your appointment!

*Based on results from a study conducted by an independent laboratory using the Chem-Dry Hot Carbonating Extraction process. Allergens tested were dog and cat dander and dust mite matter. Figures are an average across multiple homes.

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