How to deep clean wood floors

Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada is Reno’s leading choice for professional home and commercial cleaning services. Renowned for our quality carpet cleaning service, we also provide an exceptional wood floor cleaning service that is unmatched in the industry. Just ask one of the many recent customers we have serviced.

Wood floors have begun to appear in many more homes throughout Reno. This is primarily due to their ability to be easily combined with a variety of settings. It is also regarded as a low-maintenance surface to maintain for many homeowners. However, it is wrong to assume that wood floors merit no attention and care at all.

Proper and consistent maintenance of wood floors is vital for their longevity and beauty throughout the years. While it may seem like sweeping and mopping is enough, dirt and debris can accumulate in the wood’s grain over time. This significantly reduces the shine and overall quality of your wood floors. ust and pet hairs can also get trapped in the wood floors that cannot be removed with traditional DIY products. 

The only way to effectively maintain hardwood surfaces in their best shape is to hire a professional hardwood floor cleaner to periodically deep clean, clean, polish, and renew your floors, to keep them clean and looking fresh. Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada specializes in residential and commercial wood floor cleaning that uses green-certified cleaning solution to ensure a clean that’s safe for everyone and the environment.

How To Deep Clean Wood Floors

While we can’t be at your home or business all of the time to clean your wood floors, there are things you can do to help maintain the integrity and health of your hardwood floors between your professional cleanings. Be sure to check out our other blog post regarding the benefits that come from wood floor cleaning. Here are a few tips:

Sweep Or Dust Daily

Probably the best thing you can do for your hardwood floor is to sweep or dust them regularly with a gentle broom or cloth. As previously mentioned, dust particles, dirt, and grime can build up on the surface and in the wood’s grain. Allergens and dust that accumulate on the floor not only can spread through the home and be detrimental to one’s health, but they can also cause damage to the floor through scrapes and other surface damage. For this reason, it is essential to use a gentle broom that won’t scratch your floor.


Mopping is also a common way many people try to keep their hardwood floors clean. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when mopping. First, try to avoid traditional store-bought soaps and detergents, as these tend to leave a sheen or film on the surface. This may end up attracting even more dirt and allergens into your home or business. These store-bought solutions may also contain harmful chemicals. Check out these suggestions on some safer and easy homemade mopping solutions.

Be careful not to use too much water that pools on your wood floor. This may cause your floors to warp, leading to permanent damage. If you’re unsure if you’ve used too much water while mopping your floors, you can always manually dry them afterward to mitigate potential damage.


Another option that may be quicker for cleaning your hardwood floors is vacuuming. Because they’re heavier, they also have the potential to scratch the surface of your hardwood floors. Be sure to use a vacuum with a hard floor function, and be cautious of vacuums with beater bars and wheels that could cause dents.

Buff With A Non-Abrasive Material

After clearing the dirt, buffing your hardwood floor can be a great way to remove the remaining dirt and give your floor some extra shine. Use a microfiber cloth or a non-abrasive towel to avoid scuffs, and work in the grain direction.

Don’t Use Oils Or Waxes

While oils, waxes, and similar store-bought products may seem like a good idea to keep your floor looking shiny, they often result in the build-up of residue and can cause lasting damage.

Have Them Professionally Cleaned

While the previous tips are excellent ways to help maintain your wood floors’ quality, nothing can replace the wood floor cleaning power of Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada. This will significantly protect your investment and help guarantee their longevity throughout the years to come. This will not only deep clean them to make them and your home healthier, but it will restore the natural beauty and add a shine that will help prevent future build-up.

The Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada Process

The Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada professional wood floor cleaning process is the safest and most effective way to clean solid wood and engineered wood floors and LVT (or luxury vinyl tile) flooring. This is because of the many benefits of our superior process, including:

  • A deep clean using industry-leading equipment, including rotating brushes that remove dirt, grime, and allergens from deep in the grain of the wood
  • A green-certified hardwood floor cleaning that is safe for both people and pets
  • Minimal use of water to protect the wood from damage
  • A vacuum that extracts both water and contaminants
  • An optional cleaner to eliminate dust
  • A durable polish that leaves a protective barrier and healthy shine
  • For more specifics, here’s an overview of the steps in our thorough, industry-leading process:


Our service isn’t universal for every wood floor that we clean. We understand that not all wood floors are the same. Our professionally trained Chem-Dry technicians will first perform a complete inspection to ensure that your floors get the right service for them. They will check for deep scratches and other blemishes, as well as whether your floor has an acrylic coating. Following the inspection, they will prescribe the best course of wood floor cleaning.

Polish Or Acrylic Coating Removal

If your hardwood flooring does have an acrylic coating or other floor polish build-up, our experts will inspect the floor surface for layers and remove it using our Wood Floor Polish Remover. This will permit us to clean the wood floor without anything in between directly.

Deep Clean

Once we have removed the polish residue, we will begin to deep clean your floor using our industry-leading equipment and green-certified hardwood floor cleaner. This process will remove dirt, grime, dust, and other allergens both on the surface and within the wood’s grain.

Wood Floor Polish

Finally, a wood floor polish will be used on your floor to finish it with a subtle protective layer that highlights the wood’s natural beauty. It also provides a layer of protection against future dirt and other harmful elements until your next cleaning. This allows your wood floors to stay cleaner for longer for a significantly cleaner and healthier home environment.

Wood Floor Cleaning In Reno, Nevada

Don’t just go with any professional wood floor cleaner; choose Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada. We provide unprecedented cleaning results and will never leave a job where you’re not entirely satisfied. Contact us today to schedule your home’s or business’s next wood floor cleaning appointment. We’ll even give you a free price estimate of the service. We proudly service Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Winnemucca, Battle Mountain, Lovelock, and the surrounding areas. Learn more about our advanced cleaning process here.

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