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chem-dry northern nevada carpet cleaningChoose Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada for your home’s next carpet cleaning. Since 1997, we have proudly been serving the community of Reno NV and have made it a priority to give your home’s carpet the best clean it can receive. Our process is unmatched in quality from any other carpet cleaner in Reno NV. With green-certified cleaning solutions, expert technicians, and advanced carpet cleaning technology you are guaranteed to receive the healthiest and most thorough carpet cleaning experience in the Reno area.

With so many other carpet cleaners in Reno NV, why trust and choose Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada? Through years of innovation and invention, we’ve developed a process that gives you carpets that are drier, cleaner, and healthier. We effectively clean your carpets in such a way that they look and feel like new. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Choose Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what others in Reno have been saying about our carpet cleaning. For the best carpet cleaners in Reno, call Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada! (775) 327-4424

Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada: Drier, Cleaner, Healthier

DRIER. Our carpet cleaning process requires significantly fewer amounts of water to give your carpets a deeper and healthier clean. Other carpet cleaners in Reno NV utilize steam cleaning techniques to clean your carpets. They require gallons and gallons of water that are applied on your carpet at high pressures to break up and remove dirt and allergens from your carpet. While this may seem to have a positive effect, it makes things worse. Excess water from steam cleaning can seep low into your carpet to damage carpet foundation and padding to create some serious problems. Mold and bacteria thrive in these conditions.

Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada uses just a fraction of the water most other carpet cleaners use, about 80 percent less to be exact. Because of the major reduction in water usage to clean your carpets, they dry much sooner than they would from any other Reno carpet cleaner. The risk of mold and bacteria growth in your carpets from our carpet cleaning is non-existent as padding and foundation are completely unharmed from water damage. For a full comparison of our approach against steam cleaning, visit here to see the benefits of choosing Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada.


CLEANER. Rather than blasting high volumes of water on your carpet, Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada takes a highly effective and powerful approach to make your carpets cleaner than ever before. Our proprietary Hot Carbonation Extraction method is what sets us apart from other Reno carpet cleaners. It works like magic to fully eliminate dirt, dust, and allergens. Combined with a sanitizer, it is highly efficient at removing bacteria and other harmful contaminants.

The same tiny bubbles you enjoy in your favorite soda are put to work in our carpet cleaning technology to penetrate deep within your carpets to pull out lodged particles that your vacuum can’t get. The amount of dirt and grime we remove from carpets results in a carpet that looks and feels like new. The carbonation is easily extracted by our machines, which means there is no dirt-attracting residue leftover once we are done. You get more value for your dollar and don’t need to have your carpets professionally frequently cleaned.


 green certification reno nvHEALTHIER. We are Reno’s safest and healthiest option for carpet cleaning. Part of ensuring you get the healthiest clean possible for your carpets is using cleaning solutions that are eco-friendly and completely safe for your family. Our primary carpet cleaning solution, The Natural, is everything you would think it is from the name. Crafted with all-natural ingredients, The Natural is non-toxic and very safe for pets and surrounding vegetation. It qualifies for our green certification, which follows strict standards that you can read more about here. It contains zero soaps and detergents with damaging chemicals. Combined with our HCE (Hot Carbonation Extraction) method, it gives your family cleaner air to breathe by eliminating a significant amount of airborne bacteria. Read more about the healthy home you can receive with Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada here.

Watch these videos to learn more about Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada carpet cleaning in Reno, Nevada

"Anna was absolutely fantastic!! She removed multiple pet stains in less than an hour and was a hoot and a half! Hardworking and it shows. I will definitely call her next time I need my carpets cleaned!! 10/10"

Jordyn T.

"As always, the Chem Dry team was very professional. They always do a wonderful job and that's why I ONLY used them. I recommend Chem Dry to everyone."

Lori L.

"I am extremely impressed with Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada. The work they do is top notch, and they are great people to work with!"

Adam H.

"The best carpet cleaning you can get in Reno! These guys know it all. You will be 100% satisfied with the job they do. From cleaning carpets to tile, they treat every job with high detail and take no shortcuts. Give them a try, you'll be glad you did."

Tanner C.

"If you live in the Northern Nevada area, I wouldn't suggest going to anyone else but Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada for your carpet cleaning! I would recommend them to all my close friends and family. Love how their cleaning methods allow for a dry time of a couple hours, not a couple of days."

Trevor M.

Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada takes pride in providing affordable cleaning services that really work. Using the patented Chem-Dry® equipment and solutions means that we clean deeper, but more gently. Our carpet cleaning service leaves your carpets dry in 1-2 hours, rather than the 1-2 days required by most carpet cleaners in Reno.

We will leave your carpets clean and fresh without soaking them with water and harsh chemicals. The majority of other cleaning methods force water down into your carpet fibers and padding, but even powerful suction cannot remove 100% of the water. As a result, this creates a breeding ground for mold, mildew and other bacteria that can be harmful to your home and family.

Clean your carpets the right way – call Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada. We provide a drier, cleaner and healthier carpet cleaning experience in Reno and the surrounding area!

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