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Carpet Cleaning in Lovelock, Nevada

Searching for the best clean you can get for the carpet of your home or business? Look no further than Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada. For all in the Lovelock community that want healthier, safer, and better-protected carpets, contact us today. Let our team of experienced professionals equipped with powerful state-of-the-art technology carefully analyze and give your carpet a thorough clean. Our various proprietary cleaning solutions, such as PURT and The Natural®, penetrate deeply into the fibers of your carpet to altogether remove tough stains, pet urine, and harmful allergens.

Carpet Cleaning That’s Different

What makes Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada different from traditional carpet cleaners? Traditional carpet cleaners use steam cleaning techniques when they clean your carpet. When you have your carpets steam cleaned, tremendous amounts of water are pumped into your carpet at very high pressures in an attempt to loosen and remove dirt particles. Rather than eliminate all of the dirt and provide a complete clean of the carpet, unfortunately, this ends up pushing the dirt deeper. Not all of the dirt and water can be removed, creating a breeding ground for harmful mold and mildew.

Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada takes an entirely different approach. We utilize a revolutionary technique known as Hot Carbonation Extraction (HCE) with our cleaning solutions. This method employs the power of carbonation to penetrate deep within the individual fibers of your carpet. The millions of tiny bubbles in the carbonation attract dirt particles and explode them while cleaning immense amounts of dangerous allergens. The cleaning solution and exploded particle residue are then completely removed by our advanced suction technology, leaving your carpets clean.

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Carpet Cleaning That’s Better

While most carpet cleaners require lengthy drying times before you can use them again, our carpets dry within only a few hours. Our cleaning procedures require significantly less water for a better clean due to our hot carbonation extraction process, which means you get back to enjoying your home a lot sooner. An independent lab study found that our process eliminates 98% of allergens from carpet.

Our powerful cleaning and extraction techniques significantly improve the quality and life of your carpet. To further the health of your carpet, we also provide various carpet protectants in our carpet cleaning process, each crafted to enhance the future protection and the durability of every individual carpet fiber against spills, dust, and dirt.

Carpet Cleaning That’s Special

While making your home and business a cleaner and safer place is a strong focus of our services, we also strive to take careful care of the home we all share, Earth. Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada is continuously working toward advancements in green carpet cleaning by implementing strict standards in developing our cleaning solutions. Several of our cleaning solutions are developed with ingredients that qualify for green certification. Our flagship cleaning solution, The Natural®, uses safe ingredients for the entire family, including pets. We also save thousands of gallons of water from being wasted from our innovative hot carbonation extraction process. Less water used to clean your carpets means more water in our reservoirs and a better Lovelock environment.

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The gentlemen who came to do my carpets were wonderful! Friendly and helpful they found all the carpet stains from our pets and got rid of them. Some have been cleaned multiple times before by two different companies!! These guys are great and I would recommend them every time!!

Giddy H.

I can’t say enough about how superior this company is, in every way! My carpet is cleaner and looks better than it has in years! (Much better than it did after steam cleaning.) I will recommend Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada to everyone I know. I feel confident my family, friends, and acquaintances will be as happy as I am with their quality, value, and professional service.

Cindy K.

They were so nice and the level of cleaning exceeded my expectations. Our couch looks and smells so much better and they got all the stains they worked on out of our carpet and rugs. They even got silly putty out of our carpet which I had previously heard was impossible.

Talley H.

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