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10 Things You Forget To Clean

1. Trash Can This is probably not your favorite job, but it is one of the most necessary ones. We need to stay on top of it! The ramifications of neglecting to do this are not pretty. Not all trash gets completely emptied when you throw it out, which can largely...

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What Makes Chem-Dry’s Process Eco-Friendly?

At Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada, we’re committed to making your home a clean and healthy environment for your family. Unseen to the naked eye, homes can often become a breeding ground for harmful allergens, bacteria, and other toxins that can threaten your family’s...

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Cleaning Hotspots in Your Home

Spring Cleaning Hotspots For a Healthier Home Spring is upon us! As you prepare for your annual spring cleaning rituals to rejuvenate your home, keep our top tips in mind for the best results possible! It’s important to clean as much of your home as...

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Alleviating Allergy Symptoms

Alleviate Allergies with These 9 TipsThere is no better time to work on your allergies than the spring! Spring cleaning offers a great chance to deep clean your house and create a healthier environment for you and your family. Consequently, your allergy...

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Best Area Rug Cleaning Method

The Best Way To Clean Area Rugs Area rugs bring a unique style and texture to your home, and they also require special care and attention. Here are the best ways to deep clean and remove stains from your precious area rugs.  Basic Area Rug...

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The Best Flooring for Pets

What's Best for Pets? Tile or Stone Flooring?It doesn’t matter if you’re buying or remodeling a home, the flooring you choose can greatly impact you as a pet owner. For most owners, pets are part of the family. For this reason, they should be remembered...

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Chem-Dry Carpet Protectant

Carpet Protectant Eliminates Spots At Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada, we know that you take pride in how your home looks. Home appearance can say a lot about you! If the carpet is a crucial part of your space, everything about it can reflect on you as an...

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How to Survive Cold & Flu Season

Tips to Survive Cold & Flu Season It’s here. The cold and flu season has appeared. And with it is most likely a new and more sinister version of the flu.  We all love a solid day off to watch our favorite shows and movies. However, it becomes much less...

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How to Boost Office Productivity

Boost Productivity with A Clean Office It doesn’t matter whether you have an office that is seen by customers or one that is just visited by coworkers. Keeping a clean office is vital. While it might not seem like a top priority, getting your office carpet cleaned has...

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Chem-Dry VS. Steam Cleaning

Chem-Dry Vs. Steam Cleaning: an In-Depth Process Comparison   What sets apart Chem-Dry from traditional steam cleaning? From start to finish, Chem-Dry likes to focus on giving you the cleanest and healthiest clean possible. Our green-certified solution and...

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Helpful Home Cleaning Tips

Our goal at Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada is to make your home a happier, healthier place. Here are some important home cleaning tips!   Wipe down countertops regularly. Countertops serve more purpose than just preparing food. And dirt, dust, and bacteria are prone...

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