5 Benefits Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Brings That DIY Methods Don’t

The safety of your home is vitally important to our team at Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada. As the industry leader for carpet cleaning in Reno, our ultimate goal is to help you achieve optimal health and happiness.

When it comes to cleaning your home’s carpet, you might shift into DIY mode. It’s easy to justify similar actions with many other household tasks, but should you always pursue DIY cleaning when it comes to your carpets? There are some important benefits that professional carpet cleaners can provide you that you may be missing out on.

Before you make the decision between DIY carpet cleaning or employing a team like Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada, here are some facts to consider.


#1 – Chem-Dry shields and protects your carpet. 

Just because one accident happened on your carpet does not mean nothing else will follow in the future. Despite your best attempts to prevent spills and other mishaps on the carpet in your Reno home, you’ll most likely be faced with a similar issue again. Wouldn’t it be nice if stain removal was easier to do this time around? With Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada, it can be. We can add a specially formulated carpet protectant that shields your carpet from moisture, dirt, and stains. So when those accidents happen again, they’ll be much easier to get rid of. You don’t have to worry about them turning into permanent stains.


#2 – Chem-Dry removes allergens from carpet.

We’ve had a laboratory test our carpet cleaning process to determine how well it can clean your home’s carpets. It found that we remove 98% of common household allergens from the carpets we clean. You can’t get these types of results from DIY methods.


#3 – Chem-Dry removes dirt-attracting residue.

Many DIY methods, including steam cleaning, can end up making your carpet dirtier much sooner after it has been cleaned. This is because these methods tend to rely on excessive water usage and dirt-attracting residue that doesn’t get entirely extracted. Instead of enjoying clean carpets for longer periods of time, you’ll be back on your hands and knees repeating the process… That doesn’t sound like fun!

Thankfully, Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada removes this dirt-attracting residue and wont deposit more on your carpet during our low water usage service.


#4 – Chem-Dry carpet cleaning dries faster. 

Some DIY methods, including traditional steam carpet cleaning, rely on excessive amounts of water in an attempt to clean carpets. This can contribute to a myriad of problems, most notably mold and mildew growth.

The carpet cleaning process from Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada calls for 80 percent less water on your carpets than steam cleaning does. Combine that with our hot carbonated extraction cleaning method and you’ll have clean and dry carpets in your Reno home in a matter of hours.


#5 – Chem-Dry carpet cleaning is safer for your home and the environment. 

Rather than rely on harsh chemicals and other abrasive ingredients to clean your carpets, like some DIY methods, Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada implements green certified standards in the carpet cleaning process. This means you get a carpet cleaning service that’s safe for the entire family. Because of our low water usage, you also help to keep more water in our rivers, lakes, and reservoirs when you employ our help.


Carpet Cleaning in Reno, NV

The next time that your home needs carpet cleaning, consider what you might be missing out on if you don’t utilize professional help from a team like Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada for your Reno home. See why so many others in Reno and the surrounding areas have decided to make the switch over to Chem-Dry for their carpet cleaning needs. We look forward to serving you!

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