Living Room 10 Things We Forget To Clean1. Trash Can

    • This is probably not your favorite job, but it is one of the most necessary ones. We need to stay on top of it! The ramifications of neglecting to do this are not pretty. Not all trash gets completely emptied when you throw it out, which can largely accumulate over time and become a breeding ground for dangerous contaminants. Not to mention the horrific odor that can result from the built-up grime.  

2. Cell Phone

    • Would you put your face near a public toilet seat? Yeah didn’t think so… But did you know your phone may actually be the dirtiest, germiest thing in your home? On average, cell phones have more germs per square inch than a public toilet seat. (Studies have shown that 16% of phones have E. Coli bacteria on them.) You wouldn’t put your face that close to a public toilet… Regularly clean your phone to significantly reduce the contraction of diseases.

3. Carpets

    • Surprisingly many people don’t know how often their carpets should be cleaned. A lot of people go years between cleanings.
    • Vacuuming should be done twice a week to maintain the plushness and freshness of the carpet.
    • Carpets are like filters, they trap immense amounts of dirt, bacteria, and allergens. While regular vacuuming is important, it still won’t entirely remove all of the stored contaminants deep within the carpet.
    • Most carpet manufacturer’s warranty states that you must have your carpets cleaned once every 12 to 18 months. Most experts agree that once a year is a good rule of thumb. That is – unless you have a lot of kids or pets. Then get those carpets cleaned at least twice a year.
    • When was the last time you had your carpets professionally cleaned? Talk to Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada. Our advanced carpet cleaning process utilizes powerful extraction technology integrated with eco-friendly cleaning solutions to thoroughly remove harmful dirt, bacteria, and allergens. You’re left with a carpet that feels and looks like new.

4. Shower Curtain

    • The spilled drops of body wash or shampoo won’t quite do the job. Rather this needs to be cleaned in your washing machine. You’ve probably seen what happens if a shower curtain isn’t washed for a long time. With prolonged exposure to water and steam, this attracts bacteria, mold, and mildew. We recommend throwing it in the washing machine every month or so.

5. Air Vents

    • You’d be surprised at what these things trap to give you clean air to breathe. You’ll find a lot more dust than you thought possible. If you don’t want to breathe all that dust in, give air vents a good cleaning. If it has been quite some time since your last air vent cleaning, be sure to wear some sort of face protection when you clean them to avoid breathing in large amounts of falling dust.

6. Doorknobs

    • These are one of the most commonly touched surfaces in your home. Not everyone who touches them just washed their hands either, who knows what they’re bringing with them. Bacteria can stay alive on these metal surfaces for up to 8 hours. So really anything could be on there… We recommend frequent cleaning of doorknobs and locks for a healthier home.

7. Ice Tray

    • Do these really need to be cleaned? You just put water in there right? It’s still a good idea to run your trays through the dishwasher about every month, as they are still near other foods in your freezer. If you have a silicone tray, use vinegar and warm water for cleaning.

8. Vacuum Filter

    • This one makes sense, but actually many people only clear out the vacuum collector and don’t touch the filter. Ever wonder why your vacuum isn’t performing like it used to even though you’ve already emptied the collector? Most of the time it’s because of the filter. Those filters can get very dirty and once they get that way, your vacuum is mostly worthless. For improved extraction from your vacuum, spend some time cleaning the filter so it can clean better for you.

9. Microwave Touchpad

    • The home of the grease and oil from every meal you’ve had for the last 3 months. Yummy! Clean it.

10. Tile

    • This often just takes a simple wipe down if you stay on top of it. The problem? Most people don’t clean their tile very often resulting in discoloration and grime that takes a lot of scrubbing. When was the last time you had your tiles professionally cleaned? Our tile cleaning service uses cleaning solutions that penetrate deep within the porous surfaces of your tile to target and remove harmful contaminants. Instead of spending hours upon hours of scrubbing on your hands and knees, call Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada to restore the shine and color of your tiles.